Blockchain Innovation Through Collaboration

The premiere event for all things blockchain.  Focused on creating actionable collaboration.  

June 15, 16 &17, 2018 at The Kitchener Waterloo Innovation Center



To bring together leaders and forward thinkers from different fields and all walks of life to promote understanding, innovation, awareness and collaboration in blockchain technology.

Progress By Collaboration & Collision

 From putting together over a thousand of the world’s  leading experts, scientists, researchers, companies, entrepreneurs and enthusiasts to  share, discuss and plan state-of-the-art  developments  in  the  blockchain  technology  world.

Conference Features

  • Expert Speakers on research and development, education, business, law and government talk about blockchain technology
  • Exhibition of the most revolutionary blockchain technology companies presenting their products and services
  • Events that enrich the conference experience with different activities, workshops, talks and parties and network with over a thousand attendees, participants and experts
  • The Blockchain Challenge – Pitch your ideas, startups and young companies and secure funds to make them happen

Kitchener – Waterloo and the KW Innovation Center

Taking place in the KW Innovation Center of Kitchener – Waterloo in CANADA. Home to six colleges and universities it is a community world renowned for innovation and collaboration and is accordingly dubbed Silicon Valley North or Startup City for having the highest concentration of startups per capita in the world.

Kitchener – Waterloo is a community built on innovation and collaboration.

The Kitchener Waterloo Innovation Center with the Googleplex and upcoming Intermodal Transportation hub next door is the epicenter of the innovation district and is the perfect stage for the Blockchain Super Conference.